Racing Games

High-paced video games are not a recent invention but they have existed since long. Racing games are popular among different age groups owing to their full-fledged package which captivates the players. Racing games may vary from simple arcade games to hardcore simulation games which nearly simulate fictional as well as real scenarios. These video games offer a third person or first person perspective to the players who compete in different vehicles on land, water or air.

Racing Games

Racing Games History

Racing video games have transformed considerably over the years. Among arcade games, common in the 1970s, Atari's Space Race had graphics in white and black only and it was played by two players. More racing games with space themes came up after that. Games like Astro Race and Speed Race were created that improvised on collision detection and other details. Crashing Race, Moto- Cross, Night Driver, Night Racer and The Driver were some notable video games from that era.

In the 1980s and 1990s, a common shift can be noticed towards the arcade games as hardware limitations prevented simulations. Though, a breakthrough was made by Geoff Crammond who used real life simulations to a certain extent in REVS, British Formula 3 for BBC. Some more amazing games started incorporating 3D graphics in their representations gradually.

In the 1990s, 3D graphics received a boost and it excelled in providing more detailed graphical representations in games like Ridge Racer and The Need For Speed. Another distinct feature during this phase was the personal computer's graphical supremacy over arcade machines.

By the year 2000, "free form" or hand held game consoles flooded the market which led to the release of many arcade style racers and super-realistic simulators.

Racing Games Genres

Arcade Racers and Racing Simulators are two general genres of racing video games, though many sub-genres also exist.

Simulation racing games, especially appeal to highly skilled drivers but help for damage control, steering and lock can be sought from the game menu itself. These games imitate the reality of automobile handling in real life, by following certain techniques, with the use of real life cars as well as the highly imaginative ones.

Arcade Racers on the other hand follow forgiving physics in their cars unlike Simulation styles. Here the players need to focus solely on racing and not the precision required in the other style. Arcade styles adopt real cars and locations, comprising windy roads, multiple pathways etc. Speed and fun element is high in these games, where drivers also engage in combats with variety of weapons.

Popular Racing Games

Grand Pix Legends, Racer, GTR, Colin McRae/Dirt series, Gran Turismo and Sega GT series are some simulation and semi-simulation style racing games. Burnout series, GeneRally, Rad Racer are some Arcade style racing games. Some Sports games are Road Rash, Club Kart, Baja: Edge of Control, Thunder Truck Rally, SSX etc. Jet Moto series, Carve and Hydro thunder are some of the water racing games popular amongst game lovers.

Lovers of racing game genre swear by its addiction and entertainment value that keep them glued to the screens of the consoles.